State denies Brius’ controversial plan to close 3 Humboldt County nursing homes

On September 8, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) denied Brius’ initial proposed plan to close three of its five nursing homes in Humboldt County – Eureka, Pacific, and Seaview rehabilitation and wellness centers. However, the CDPH did leave the door open for a closure if Brius submitted new amended plans that addressed the agency’s issues of how and where it would transfer the nursing home’s effected residents.

This, in fact, is exactly what has happened. Brius, which seems bent on closing these nursing homes, resubmitted new proposed closure plans to the CDPH on September 13th. The clock is now ticking as the state has 10 days to reject or accept the new set of plans.

See the CDPH’s rejection letter of Brius’ initial closure plan, and Brius’ recently amended plan below.


Download (PDF, 688KB)

Download (PDF, 1.19MB)