Briuswatch.org lists many of Brius’ known facilities below so that consumers can make informed decisions regarding the care of their loved ones.

Alameda Healthcare & Wellness Center
Brookdale Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Hayward Healthcare & Wellness Center
Oakland Healthcare & Wellness Center
The Rehabilitation Center Of Oakland

Chico Heights Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre
Chico Terrace Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Gridley Healthcare And Wellness Centre
Riverside Point Healthcare & Welness Centre

Contra Costa
San Pablo Healthcare & Wellness Center

North Point Healthcare And Wellness Centre
The Rehabilitation Center Of Fresno

Eureka Rehabilitation & Wellness Center
Fortuna Rehabilitation & Wellness Center
Granada Rehabilitation & Wellness Center
Pacific Rehabilitation & Wellness Center
Seaview Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

Imperial Heights Healthcare & Wellness Centre

The Rehabilitation Center Of Bakersfield

Los Angeles
Alhambra Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Bay Vista Healthcare And Wellness Centre
Centinela Skilled Nursing And Wellness Centre East
Centinela Skilled Nursing And Wellness Centre West
Driftwood Health Care Center
East Terrace Rehabilitation And Wellness Centre
Four Seasons Healthcare And Wellness Center
Gardenview Healthcare And Wellness Center
Grand Avenue Healthcare And Wellness Centre
Hawthorne Healthcare And Wellness Centre
Highland Park Skilled Nursing And Wellness Centre
Ivy Creek Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Lakewood Healthcare Center
Las Flores Convalescent Hospital
Lawndale Care Center
Lighthouse Healthcare Center
Los Angeles Rehabilitation And Wellness Centre
Los Feliz Healthcare And Wellness Centre
Mar Vista Country Villa Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Maywood Skilled Nursing And Wellness Centre
Mission Grove Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Montecito Heights Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Monterey Healthcare & Wellness Centre
North Palms Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre
Norwalk Skilled Nursing & Wellness Centre
Overland Terrace Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Park Avenue Healthcare & Wellness Center
Pavilion On Pico Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Pine Grove Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Skyline Healthcare Center-Los Angeles
The Rehabilitation Center Of North Hills
Verdugo Valley Skilled Nursing And Wellness Centre
Vernon Healthcare Center
West Hollywood Healthcare And Wellness Center
West Pico Terrace Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Westwood Healthcare & Wellness Centre
York Healthcare & Wellness Centre

Oakhurst Healthcare And Wellness Centre

Novato Healthcare Center
San Rafael Healthcare & Wellness Center


Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center
Orange Healthcare & Wellness Center
Santa Ana Healthcare & Wellness Centre
The Pavilion At Sunny Hills
Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center Of Anaheim

Roseville Point Health And Wellness Center

Alta Vista Healthcare And Wellness Centre
California Nursing And Rehabilitation Center
Desert Springs Healthcare And Wellness Center

San Bernardino
Hacienda Heights Healthcare And Wellness Centre
Ontario Grove Healthcare And Wellness Center

San Diego
Amaya Springs Health Care Center
Brighton Place – San Diego
Brighton Place Spring Valley
Clairemont Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Granite Hills Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Point Loma Convalescent Hospital

Santa Clara
Cupertino Healthcare & Wellness Center
San Jose Healthcare & Wellness Center

River Valley Healthcare & Wellness Centre

Oxnard Manor Healthcare Center

Because Brius does not brand its nursing homes with its corporate name, residents and their families are often unaware that their nursing home is a Brius facility. Below, Briuswatch.org has assembled the names and locations of the nursing facilities operated by Brius and made them available so consumers can make informed decisions.

Brius reportedly operates as many as 81 nursing homes and assisted living facilities across California under as many different names, and each is managed and owned by parent companies that also have different names (see the list and map)This allows Brius to operate below the radar. The name Brius does not appear in the Department of Public Health’s database of licensed nursing homes. Even Brius caregivers are often unaware that they work in a Brius nursing home.


This complex web of more than 130 companies serves to conceal the nursing homes’ ownership and shield Brius, its owner, and its assets from lawsuits. It also potentially allows Brius’ owner, Shlomo Rechnitz, to profit at multiple stages of his corporation’s convoluted healthcare delivery system.

Fortunately, an investigative series by the Sacramento Bee took a close look at Brius and identified many of the nursing homes the corporation operates in California. Brius controls about one in every 14 nursing beds in the state.

For information on skilled nursing facilities, see the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and/or the California Department of Public Health.